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on 11.06.03 2:22 PM, Roger Guay wrote:

> I now understand what Klaus and others are saying about file path
> problems, but how can I package my standalones (Mac and PC) with a file
> "GenHTML"  and have them able to locate and open this file?

I solve the problem of packaging files, resources, and auxiliary stacks with
a RunRev/metaCard standalone by using a MacOS X bundle format for ALL
platforms. Of course, it works AS A BUNDLE (that is, a folder that looks to
the user like an application they can double-click) only on MacOS X (and
Classic).  I put auxiliary stacks, graphics files, sound files, etc. in
appropriate folders inside the "resources" folder, which is inside the
"contents" folder, which is inside the bundle.

In Windows, the bundle looks like a folder named "". I install a
shortcut for the user to click somewhere outside the bundle (maybe in the
"programs" folder). The shortcut points to the application which lives
inside the bundle folder, in a "Win32" folder inside the "Contents" folder.

What this gets me is a straightforward and consistent way to calculate paths
to everything I need, on all platforms, AND a way to put the application on
a mixed Mac/Windows LAN or dual-platform CD without duplicating resources.

While I'm developing, I keep all the resources that will go into the bundle
in a folder named "resources" next to my to-be-made-into-a-standalone stack.
When that stack opens - in development or as a standalone - it checks to see
whether it's in a bundle (by looking for a "contents" folder) then sets its
path variables appropriately.



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