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Thu Nov 6 13:56:24 EST 2003

Wolfgang M.Bereuter wrote:

> On 06.11.2003, at 01:23, Alex Rice wrote:
>> On thing I'm not sure about: must the OS X build be separate, because
>> it has a whole new binary format? Or is the PPC build "Carbonized" so
>> it can run on OS X and Mac OS?
> It seems carbonized but I saw some features not working in a fat build
> opened in OS X. But this could depend on the releases of the
> Distribution builder.
> Imho I would build it for OSX to be on the safe side...

Absolutely.  Carbon is a patch for transition only, and the OS' supporting
API remains incomplete and will likely never be fixed given Apple's strong
push to kill OS 9 ASAP.

Among other nuances are path issues:  paths are very different in OS X and
OS 9, yet when running in the Classic layer the OS/Rev returns OS X-style
paths. :(

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