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On 11/6/03 3:07 AM, "Jason Rippetoe" <jason at> wrote:

> The trouble is, the dissolve (and others elsewhere in the
> stack) works great on the Mac during development and on the Mac
> standalones, but I'm having some troubles when testing under Windows.
> Using Virtual PC with Windows XP and Windows 98, the dissolve works
> normally (though slowly under emulation) yet on the PC laptop I have
> here, the dissolves don't appear at all- there's just a delay during
> which the dissolve would normally occur then the "AnswerBlock" image is
> hidden without a visual effect. This is under Windows ME on an older
> Pentium 200MHz. Is this lack of dissolves due to Windows ME? Due to the
> slow processor on the laptop? Inquiring minds are looking for an answer.

This could be a memory issue, but if QuickTime is installed on the problem
system, then that might be the problem.  Some QT effects are currently
broken on Windows, so the only workaround is to disable QT effects on
Windows (set the dontUseQTeffects to true).  You should get a dissolve but
it won't be as smooth as a QT dissolve.


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