Develop on Windows or Mac?

jbv jbv.silences at
Thu Nov 6 07:02:11 EST 2003

> Roger,
> Be cool with flamebait...

No flamebait of course, only questions...

> Here at work, we have more than one folder with THOUSANDS of files for our
> business, DBA, SAN, backups reporting among others...
> In a 3TB fileserver you need something that can handle oh-so-many files!

Yes, but as I wrote :
"The point I want to make is that putting 10,000 files in a single folder is
pointless (unless the content of this folder is read/written by an app only)."

Again, I see the need for apps like DBAs to store thousands of files in a
single directory, as long as data needs to be retrieved ONLY by the app
(furthermore, I don't see why using sub-directories would slow down
the retrieve/process/save data in a significant way).
And if the amount of data is that huge, there must be various high-level scripts
& front-ends to help manage all those files...
That's why I still don't understand why individuals should have to struggle
with windows displaying thousands of files...

May be just another example of "programmer lazyness" ?

Again, no flame war... just asking...


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