Several Windows Questions...

Jason Rippetoe jason at
Thu Nov 6 06:07:13 EST 2003

Hi there;

New to Rev and trying to get the hang of things, especially related to 
cross-platform issues. I'm developing on Mac OS X 10.2 and then 
building my standalones for Mac OS X, Windows and Mac OS PPC. My stacks 
are very simple, as I am not skilled at this stuff by any means. Using 
it to build a vocabulary drill program.

Here's the first issue:

I have a stack that has a card for each of the vocabulary words used. 
When each card is displayed, there is an image that hides the answer to 
the vocabulary word displayed. The user guesses the answer and then 
clicks a button to reveal the answer and play an audio file of the word 
being spoken. The button script in use is:

on mouseUp
     play "VocabData/VocabAudio/L1Vocab36.aif"
    hide image "AnswerBlock" with dissolve
end mouseUp

Simple, no? The trouble is, the dissolve (and others elsewhere in the 
stack) works great on the Mac during development and on the Mac 
standalones, but I'm having some troubles when testing under Windows.  
Using Virtual PC with Windows XP and Windows 98, the dissolve works 
normally (though slowly under emulation) yet on the PC laptop I have 
here, the dissolves don't appear at all- there's just a delay during 
which the dissolve would normally occur then the "AnswerBlock" image is 
hidden without a visual effect. This is under Windows ME on an older 
Pentium 200MHz. Is this lack of dissolves due to Windows ME? Due to the 
slow processor on the laptop? Inquiring minds are looking for an answer.

Next Issue:

When running my standalone under Windows (all three flavors mentioned 
above), there is no tab in the Taskbar for my running application. Does 
this have anything to do with setting the decorations to empty?

Next issue:

I have several sub-stacks in my standalone. Under Windows, each of the 
substacks appears as a separate task under the Task Manager, as if 
multiple programs are running. Is this normal behavior? Is there a way 
to make substacks not appear separately?

Thanks for any help you can provide.


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