Develop on Windows or Mac?

jbv jbv.silences at
Thu Nov 6 04:23:56 CST 2003

Roger.E.Eller at :

> More productive, and faster? I work in a mixed environment of PC's and
> Mac's, and that is not the situation here at all. On OS X, put about
> 10,000 files of any kind into a folder (write a repeat loop to create them
> as a test), then open the folder in the finder. Put a stop-watch on that
> pretty colorful spinning ball. Do the same on a Windows PC... the folder
> will open with all files listed in about 2 seconds.

I have a question : who needs to put 10,000 files in a single folder ?
I might be wrong, but to me it sounds like a "perverted approach" (sorry,
this is the only way that my poor english allows me to explain the feeling
I have) of graphic interfaces, may be even a typical Micro$oft approach :
if 1 icon looks better than 1 line of text, so 100 icons will work 100 times
better ! That's why we end up with these ugly Word or Excel interfaces :
in the versions of Word 98 and Excel 98 I'm using on my Mac, there's a
palette at the top of the screen with more than 40 icons on it (and of course

the need of tooltips to identify each one).
The point I want to make is that putting 10,000 files in a single folder is
pointless (unless the content of this folder is read/written by an app only).

If end users have to open that folder, then the content should be split in
several subfolders for more clarity and readibility.
And therefore, I don't really care if the OS I'm using will take 10 minutes
to open a folder containing 10,000 files, simply because I'll never try to
open it.

> Another - Rev specific speed test. Write a repeat loop to create about 200
> Rev objects on a card. Distribute them all over the card. Make it a mix of
> buttons and fields, and a few imported small gif files. Now, using the
> selection tool, select all of the elements by dragging around them. How
> long does it take for the selections to catch-up with what you selected.
> Do the same on a PC. OK... Any Questions?

Yes, I have another question : if you can create a repeat loop to create 200
objects, why can't you use a script to select them ?
IOW, why do you go the easy way to create a problem and then go the hard
way to solve it ?


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