How to implement min/max functions

Ken Norris pixelbird at
Wed Nov 5 23:55:20 EST 2003

Hi Scott,

> Date: Wed, 05 Nov 2003 12:12:47 -0800
> From: Scott Rossi <scott at>
> Subject: Re: How to impolement min/max functions

> AFAIK, you constrain the same way in Rev.  Why do you want to do this
> without max/min functions?
I don't. I meant I couldn't find them. Before, when I put "max" in the find
field of the Dictionary earlier today, it only came up with maxHeight,
maxWidth, and addMax, so I thought it wasn't there...but now it shows it. I
think that's happened before with other keywords, but it could have just
been pre-coffee bleary vision.

Thanks for the Re, though. It made me go back and try again until I found

Something else odd just happened. 'Nuther thread though.

Ken N.

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