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Alex Rice alrice at
Wed Nov 5 19:23:01 EST 2003

On Nov 5, 2003, at 4:47 PM, Thomas Cole wrote:
> I'm rather a neophyte and I don't even know which standalone for Mac 
> to distribute or what the difference is: Fat. PPC. or 68. (I'll 
> certainly want to distribute the OSX version.) If someone could set me 
> straight on this, I'd be grateful.

That is weird the Windows builds look better than your Mac builds :-)

The 68K vs. PPC refers to the Mac CPU architectures. See 
<> 68K is older Macs, and PPC is 
newer Macs. FAT is an application file that has both the 68K and PPC 
code in it. It will be bigger, but run on more Macs. So you can either 
have 1 larger app with FAT, or two smaller apps with 68K and PPC.

On thing I'm not sure about: must the OS X build be separate, because 
it has a whole new binary format? Or is the PPC build "Carbonized" so 
it can run on OS X and Mac OS?

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