Develop on Windows or Mac

Thomas Cole Tom.Cole at
Wed Nov 5 18:47:33 EST 2003

I'm working on my first big project with Revolution and I'm using OSX to develop in. I want the software to run on any mac and any windows machine. It's working surprisingly well. Revolution is a great piece of software.

My experience so far -- as limited as it is -- is different from what I am reading here. I have found that the Mac classic standalones need much more tweaking than the PC ones. Fields are too small mostly -- or the fonts get too big or whatever. I'm surprised at this because coming from HyperCard I remember how perfectly the stacks would run on any Mac with no field size problems of any kind. Yet the PC standalones are more faithful to the OSX development view with regard to font size -- although the fonts are spidery sometimes and not as nice as on a Mac. Any tips for keeping things the same on all platforms?

I'm rather a neophyte and I don't even know which standalone for Mac to distribute or what the difference is: Fat. PPC. or 68. (I'll certainly want to distribute the OSX version.) If someone could set me straight on this, I'd be grateful.


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