Who owns the elements of the interface?

jbv jbv.silences at Club-Internet.fr
Wed Nov 5 15:22:48 CST 2003


> Recently, I become aware of the
> dispute of the tabbed interface
> between Adobe and Macromedia.
> Before, I learned that Apple is the
> legal owner of the Aqua look...
> My questions is:
> Who owns the elements of the interface?
> buttons, menus, hypertext, visual effects
> transitions, scroll fields, checkboxes, etc...
> Do they have owners too?

I remember something about the trial in "look and
feel" between Apple and Micro$oft in the 80's
when Windows was released : it seems that Rank
Xerox had been stated as the 1st inventor of all
these elements, and that the dispute was pointless...
But does that mean they are the owner ?
Or is it in public domain already ?

Or is this remark completly OT ?


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