Develop on Windows or Mac?

Mike Brown mike at
Wed Nov 5 10:17:08 EST 2003

The Revolution team has done an excellent job of providing a truly
cross-platform development tool with very little differences!

I have developed Revolution applications on both a Mac G4 and Windows 2000 &
XP machines and have not run into any platform related bugs.  From my
experience, Revolution seems to run equally well on both Mac & Windows
machines.  I do not detect a performance difference or advantage relating to
the software.

Because I am more comfortable working from Mac OS X, I tend to do 90% of
development from the Mac, BUT when it comes time to distribute to a Windows
market, I always have to load my Rev Stack onto a Windows PC and do cosmetic
changes because the final stack or standalone does not display the same on
both operating systems.  Text fields, labels and other elements such as
buttons will shift position so alignment is off.  Also, background colors
that appear white or transparent from the Mac can display with a shaded
color on Windows until you go to the color palette and assign a color.

If you are building apps for a Windows audience and want to avoid this extra
step, you may choose to develop directly from Windows.  I choose to develop
on a Mac because I like all of the other Mac friendly design tools that I
use for the interface elements and I prefer the Mac OS X environment... So
for me, it is worth the extra steps at the end of the project to clean up
alignments from a Windows computer or using a Windows computer as a visual


Mike Brown
Cyber-NY Interactive

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