Develop on Windows or Mac?

Alex Rice alex at
Wed Nov 5 02:08:19 EST 2003

On Nov 4, 2003, at 7:43 PM, Ray Bennett wrote:

> * Some VERY critical functionality is NOT well-behaved on Windows.  
> Specifically, you can't rely on memory management to work the way 
> you'd expect.   The inability of Windows (or the rev engine on 
> windows) to perform garbage collection of what has been paged and or 
> swapped will, when you least expect it, crash your built application 
> (and occasionally even the IDE) hard.

This sounds like a hell of a bug. I was just looking through your old 
posts to the list and I don't see anything narrowing it down to garbage 
collection and memory swapping. Is it in bugzilla and/or have you got 
help from runrev tracking this down?

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