Losing the amateur

Alejandro Tejada capellan2000 at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 4 17:36:38 EST 2003

There is another point that
is worth to ponder in this theme.

All Persons that want to learn
programming for their very own
personal reason, not because is
an university class requisite, 
needs some kind of precise conceptual
map that shows them were are they standing now,
and what other routes they can
follow to enhance their knowledge
or fulfill the goals that they have
set to themselves.

I'm sure that not everyone that start
using Revolution has this clear.
Some of them have unusually high or low
expectatives about RunRev. The worse is that
most don't read or print the help files...

HyperCard users are a group that without
doubt are highly aware of their path and
the new roads that RunRev opens, but for 
others the obvious is not clear.

So, I hope that in a not so distant future
RunRev publish some sort of Self-examination
stacks about several themes of programming
in this enviroment.

I'll be better if they build over the excellent
"MetaTalk Programmer" published by Scott Raney and 
uses the same format and methodology.
Scott wrote in his pages that they were going to 
publish another course using a RPG game to teach 
more advanced concepts of Programming.


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