ideas wanted for secure display of media resources

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Tue Nov 4 09:39:31 CST 2003

On Nov 4, 2003, at 3:27 AM, Ian Wood wrote:

> This is a nice idea, but you will have trouble on Windows due to the 
> wonders of the random drive letter assigned to the optical drive.  
> I've run into this problem when creating a QuickTime CD portfolio.  
> With LiveStage you could set the sprite to check for the 
> presence/contents of an XML file in the same folder as the QT movies, 
> but if someone realises what the XML file is for they can just copy 
> that over as well.

You don't have to check all the way down to the drive letter.  Just put 
your media a few levels deep on the CD-ROM and check those folders.  At 
least then a person would have to recreate your folder structure if 
they wanted to pass it around.

Another option would be if we could get some enhanced QuickTime support 
in Revolution so that you could set Sprite variables from within Rev 
then you could have Revolution send a password of sorts to the 
QuickTime movie which would enable Sprite track and start the movie 
playing.  An external could be written to do this.

> I suspect the 'delete on suspend' trick is likely to be your best bet.

This works if the machine isn't on a network.  Otherwise just leave the 
program running and access the temporary media file from another 
computer on the network.  No suspend message is sent and the person has 
the media file.

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