ideas wanted for secure display of media resources

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Mon Nov 3 22:18:08 EST 2003

On Tuesday, November 4, 2003, at 01:45 PM, Scott Rossi wrote:

>> If anyone knows a good secure way of managing and displaying media
>> assets within Revolution please let me know.
> Who do you want to prevent from accessing the media?  Any end user, or 
> only
> unlicensed users?  If you only want to thwart unlicensed users, 
> storing the
> media in some kind of password protected file (database, stack, etc) is
> probably a good way to go.

Yes ... one of the points I was making is that it's easy enough to 
store the files in a protected way, but when you want to actually use 
them in Revolution you have to unprotect them.  Eg If you have a 50Mb 
QuickTime movie you'll need to write it out to a file on disk then set 
the filename of a player control to it.
> Otherwise, you should keep in mind that once something is displayed on
> screen, it can be copied via screen capture tools.  Utilities exist to
> capture the screen over time (ie movies/animation), as well as static
> images.  Even DVD copy protection can be circumvented, so you'll be 
> hard
> pressed to find a completely secure method of asset delivery.  
> Obscuring the
> asset location/s and filenames are probably reasonable options for you,
> barring the more costly custom/external options.

Yes this is true, however I'm less concerned with this aspect as images 
will be degraded in quality.  I guess the point here is that all 
security measures you take have an impact on performance and usability 
in various ways.

I feel that supporting writing to image and movie objects in Revolution 
(and having the data so written securely cached for display) would 
provide a simple way of securing media delivery and avoid the issues 
with writing out to files.


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