Lee Perham leep at
Mon Nov 3 17:57:08 CST 2003


If you are using Rev 2.1 you have the latest version. The only other
version I am aware of is 2.1.1 which is the latest beta version. Go to
the Rev website home page if you want the 2.1.1 beta version.

~ Lee

On Nov 3, 2003, at 1:32 PM, use-revolution-request at 

> Lee
> Thanks for the get info and open with.... tip.
> Under the Get Info..General... it says version 2.1, but I'm hearing of
> 2.1.1   to 2.1.3
> I just downloaded (took several tries out here on the coast) from the
> Rev site, and it's the same, with the same creation and modification
> dates. How can I tell if I've got the latest 'adjustments' version?
> Peace,
>     John

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