Pointer tool not working

JonathanC at ag.nsw.gov.au JonathanC at ag.nsw.gov.au
Mon Nov 3 18:07:53 EST 2003

(Please forgive my "newbie-ness".)

I wrote on 30/10/2003:

> I recently created a stack ("Launcher.rev") to act like HyperCard's Home 

> stack. It works OK, but just then, when I went to edit a button, I 
> discovered that the pointer tool wasn't working. When I choose the 
> tool (either from the palette or the Tools menu) and click on the 
> instead of selecting it, it CLICKS it (as though the browse tool is 
> active).
> This only happens with this one stack (so far). I can still select 
> by choosing "Card [or Stack] Inspector" from the Object menu and then 
> finding the object I want from the Selection pop-up menu, or by using 
> Application Browser, but why can't I select them directly?

Then Sarah <sarahr at genesearch.com.au> wrote:

> What mode is the stack set to? It sounds as if it is either modeless or 
> palette, in which case you can't edit it. This is useful for a Launcher 
> stack as it means it is usable even when you are in edit mode, but you 
> will have to do something different to edit the Launcher itself.
> Try right-clicking to bring up the contextual menu and setting the mode 
> to top level so you can edit, then set it back. Alternatively, do all 
> your editing via the Application Browser and then save from there.

Thanks. Yes, it WAS set to "modeless" but I really don't know how that 
happened. I placed the stack in the "plugins" folder so that any handlers 
I placed in the stack script would be available all the time (like 
HyperCard's Home stack). Does this automatically make it a modeless stack? 
What exactly is the difference between "Toplevel" and "Modeless" anyway? 
Rev's documentation is not clear enough (for me :-) ).

Three other things I don't understand are:
1. Why, when I close "Launcher.rev" and then open it again, does it change 
from Modeless to TopLevel by itself?
2. Why does "Launcher.rev" open automatically when I launch "Revolution"? 
(I may have set this behaviour myself - after all it mimics HyperCard's 
Home, which is what I want - but I have no idea how, if I did.)
3. Revolution's documentation says there's a Home stack, but where is it?

So many questions!

Jonathan Cooper
Manager of Information / Website
Art Gallery of New South Wales
Sydney, Australia

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