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Ken, and all,

I have worked with Powerpoint since before Powerpoint ever came out. I 
worked for Genigraphics on a main frame computer system and actually 
created the first CLUT(first ever) to put into Powerpoint for the new 
desktop computers that were coming out. (Years ago) I worked with 
Powerpoint in getting the first slides out and getting the colors right 
on slides. I shamefully am also responsible for a lot of the early 
clipart in Powerpoint as well. But they were done on a main frame and 
ported over to Harvard Graphics and Powerpoint so at the time they were 
the best in the world.
  Any way I know every trick in PPT and have been doing presentations 
for years so I have thousands of Powerpoint presentations in my 
The project I am doing has advanced effects done in PPT that are near 
impossible to export in tact. I am trying to export them from PPT and 
then import them into REV with full interactivity and also with better 
interactive controls found in REV. I first have to import into Keynote 
from PPT and then save interactive movie from within Keynote and then 
import that into REV in order to get it to work EASILY. I don't want to 
have to recreate each slide or parts of each slide if I can help it. I 
can created a 150 slide presentation in just a couple of hours and so 
it would be nice to start there for future projects too. Although if I 
created similar features in REV then I could just start there. The real 
thing in doing it in REV is bulleted fields, master slides, and SIMPLE 
text manipulations (read earlier posts)

So in the end I get good movie results as interactive(click to go next 
slide in movie) but poor results for Hyperlinks and clipped images and 
secondary bullet fields (Keynote only has one bullet field). So for 
those I export as png files (Screenshots) and import them into REV and 
add clear buttons as interactive buttons.
But to put clear buttons over a movie will not work easily (I could do 
QT time counts etc.) so I am going to look into the hotspot features in 
QT which I believe work in 2D movies as interactive hotspots in a 
movie. Then the links would be 'in' QT and communicate to REV for 
further interactivity.

I will post some examples when I am done for the different ways to deal 
with Powerpoint and Keynote in Rev.

Thanks to your help and others,


On Monday, November 3, 2003, at 12:56 PM, Ken Norris wrote:

> Hi Tom,
>> Date: Mon, 3 Nov 2003 02:11:21 -0500
>> From: Thomas J McGrath III <3mcgrath at>
>> Subject: Keynote
>> I will play more with the Hotspots and get back with that info.
> ----------
> I don't understand exactly what you're doing, but I always thought Rev 
> would
> make a good base for developing a superior multimedia presentation 
> device.
> Let us know. Thanks,
> Ken N.
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