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Ken Norris pixelbird at
Mon Nov 3 11:51:39 CST 2003

Hi Tom and everyone,

> Date: Mon, 3 Nov 2003 08:39:11 -0500
> From: Thomas J McGrath III <3mcgrath at>
> Subject: Re: More about PNG

> All of that is as should be expected. changing the opacity is what is
> letting the colors fade between what is behind it.
> I tried a number of effects and imports and they all acted correctly.
Yes, I know, now that I can make translucent PNGs.
> So what did you want to happen?
Well. like I said, I wanted full bright gradient colors with transparency in
All Platform mode in this particular project, but translucent in another

Here's what I discovered:

What I wanted was *srcOr* under All Platform inks. When I first tried to
replicate my SC project into Rev, I, of course, had to rebuild the color
graphics. When I tried srcOr with my design, I had it over the background,
and it showed bands in it, i.e., the colors weren't right, which wasn't

That's what sent me on the quest for a translucent or transparent PNG
graphic in All Platform mode. But that turned out not to quite right either.

However, while testing again this morning, I see that if *srcOr* is over a
*white* background, like a white field, it looks like I wanted it to all
along, in this case.

So, I find I must apologize for the anxious posts. The white background made
all the difference, which I didn't see before. I think it will work out OK

Thanks again to everyone.

Ken N.

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