Losing the amateur...

Klaus Major klaus at major-k.de
Mon Nov 3 10:08:04 EST 2003

Hi Thomas J McGrath III:

> On Monday, November 3, 2003, at 09:05 AM, Klaus Major wrote:
>>> Jac, There are doers and talkers out there, I can tell you are a 
>>> doer. :-) Good for you.
>> Unnecessary side blow, i think...
> Wow, Klaus, I meant that as a good thing not a bad thing.
> You know people with hot air versus people with the gabonzoes to back 
> up the talk with action.
> That is what I meant.
> But, again I was tired. I am sorry for firing off at what I was 
> probably misunderstanding anyway.

Yo, see how easy this could happen?

In this context it really looked like that...

But now i agree :-)

> Thanks again,
> Tom
> Tell me again pa 'What are we fighting for?'

Free beer, son, just for free beer ;-)


Klaus Major
klaus at major-k.de

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