Undocumented QT effects

Klaus Major klaus at major-k.de
Mon Nov 3 09:54:49 EST 2003

Hi Ken,

> Howdy,
> I can't find them now, but I wanted to know:
> Where are the undocumented QT effects and how can we implement them in 
> Rev?

OK, the dox are a bit sparse about this, but to call it 

 From the dox about "answer effect":

"An encoded description of the visual effect the user chooses is placed 
in the it variable.

A good idea is to store "it" in a customproperty and use it later...

answer effect
## a QuickTime dialog will appear, where you can choose a transition..
if it <> empty then
    set the my_transition_1 of this stack to it
end if

Then you can use it with:

visual the my_transition_1 of this stack
go cd xyz


hide img 1 with visual my_transition_1 of this stack


A bit unhandy, but not too and it works :-)

Hope that helps...

> TIA,
> Ken N.


Klaus Major
klaus at major-k.de

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