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Thomas J McGrath III 3mcgrath at adelphia.net
Mon Nov 3 09:22:05 EST 2003

Thank you Klaus,

I was tired and I guess the old Power & Influence Days are still fresh 
in my mind. A friend died this year due to not being able to afford to 
go see a Doctor of his choosing - Oh he did end up with some medical 
care but it was not the same as he would have got if he had $$$.
Enough said though,

I  knew I should not have responded before just like I knew I should 
not be typing this either. I should probably apologize to him in case I 
insulted him. Oh, well.  I'm sorry! - No class wars!

ALSO, I am a little disappointed about waiting for my manuals but I am 
not going to be complaining to the list about it !?!?!?!?!
That is all

I shut up.


On Monday, November 3, 2003, at 09:05 AM, Klaus Major wrote:

> Hi Thomas J McGrath III,
>> I don't normally get into this kind of stupid arguments but I must be 
>> tired or something.
>> Is the Dr. in front of you name stand for Doctor??? If so I can't 
>> believe you are complaining that $75.
>> is not reasonable for Rev. I bet you don't feel that way about the 
>> work you do, I bet you charge top dollar.
>> And that for things people can't live without - you have them over a 
>> barrel. If you say you don't I
>> won't believe it because you choose to display the Dr. before your 
>> name which is all I needed to see.
> please don't start a class struggle!
> Besides that i think that the time where
> Dr. = power & influence = MONEY
> are gone...
> BTW, you name does not sound very "underprivileged" ;-)
> (Hint: this is just a joke!!!)
>> And like the lady said, you could easily just build a player and be 
>> done with it. So why the complaining?
>> Why the disappointment? Why the cheapness?
> You missed the point here...
> He was complaining about the now missing free player!!!
>> Jac, There are doers and talkers out there, I can tell you are a 
>> doer. :-) Good for you.
> Unnecessary side blow, i think...
> And i don't mean you, Jaqueline :-)
>> PS I spent my money on the enterprise version and absolutely am not 
>> disappointed!
> I also bought the enterprise edition, although i am out of work 
> momentarrily, and i am also
> very disappointed, but for the number of bugs in version 2.1 and 2.11, 
> which makes unnecessary
> workarounds necessary to get them to work...
> "Qualtity assurance"
> I'll leave this term uncommented...
>> Tom - The Amateur
> Regards
> Klaus - The whatsoever
> Klaus Major
> klaus at major-k.de
> www.major-k.de
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