Losing the amateur...

Klaus Major klaus at major-k.de
Mon Nov 3 09:05:52 EST 2003

Hi Thomas J McGrath III,

> I don't normally get into this kind of stupid arguments but I must be 
> tired or something.
> Is the Dr. in front of you name stand for Doctor??? If so I can't 
> believe you are complaining that $75.
> is not reasonable for Rev. I bet you don't feel that way about the 
> work you do, I bet you charge top dollar.
> And that for things people can't live without - you have them over a 
> barrel. If you say you don't I
> won't believe it because you choose to display the Dr. before your 
> name which is all I needed to see.

please don't start a class struggle!

Besides that i think that the time where

Dr. = power & influence = MONEY

are gone...

BTW, you name does not sound very "underprivileged" ;-)
(Hint: this is just a joke!!!)

> And like the lady said, you could easily just build a player and be 
> done with it. So why the complaining?
> Why the disappointment? Why the cheapness?

You missed the point here...

He was complaining about the now missing free player!!!

> Jac, There are doers and talkers out there, I can tell you are a doer. 
> :-) Good for you.

Unnecessary side blow, i think...

And i don't mean you, Jaqueline :-)

> PS I spent my money on the enterprise version and absolutely am not 
> disappointed!

I also bought the enterprise edition, although i am out of work 
momentarrily, and i am also
very disappointed, but for the number of bugs in version 2.1 and 2.11, 
which makes unnecessary
workarounds necessary to get them to work...

"Qualtity assurance"

I'll leave this term uncommented...

> Tom - The Amateur


Klaus - The whatsoever

Klaus Major
klaus at major-k.de

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