Thomas J McGrath III 3mcgrath at
Mon Nov 3 02:11:21 EST 2003

I just got Keynote, and it does have a big problem for the importing of 
PPT files. That is if the PPT has clipped images then keynote will not 
handle them and mess them up. But for the rest it works great.

For those not sure what this is about, you can take PPT files and 
import them into Keynote and clean up the above problem apply any cool 
keynote features as well and then export as interactive QuickTime mov 
for use in REV. Then in REV the user can see (full screen or smaller if 
needed) the presentations done from either PPT or keynote with FULL 
interactivity ie. builds, animations transitions etc.
The other issue is no hyperlinks. But I think hotspots in QT will 
handle that or invisible buttons in REV can in some instances. But if I 
use the invisible buttons in REv then I just export PNGs of single 
slides directly from PPT into REV.

I will play more with the Hotspots and get back with that info.


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