Can cards in a stack be of different sizes

Alex Rice alex at
Sun Nov 2 21:03:50 EST 2003

On Nov 2, 2003, at 6:26 PM, Kurt Kaufman wrote:

> "...What you show above is just 'change the size of the stack window 
> as we go
> along'. So yes, you can fake it but the stack has to be resized by
> scripting, right?..."
> This brings up an interesting thought:  To what extent are Rev's 
> objects created, sized, etc. at runtime?

100% and that's the beauty of it. Transcript compiles on the fly. In 
fact the Rev IDE is itself a bunch of Rev stacks. So you can 
add/remove/change any object, all at runtime.

> For that matter, aren't they actually instructions handed off to the 
> operating system, anyway (as opposed to, say, something like 
> HyperCard's field scrollbars which I understand to have been 
> "internal", i.e. not using the operating system's built-in resources).

Of all the Rev look and feels, only Mac OS Appearance Manager is 
natively drawn by the OS. All others including Mac OS, Windows and Unix 
are all "emulated". This means the OS just thinks that Revolution is 
drawing an image- but it's actually a scene showing all of the controls 
and widgets.

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