Losing the amateur.

Ken Norris pixelbird at interisland.net
Sun Nov 2 18:16:10 EST 2003

Hello Ryno, Alex,
> From: Alex Rice <alex at mindlube.com>
> Subject: Re: Losing the amateur.
> To: How to use Revolution <use-revolution at lists.runrev.com>

> On Nov 2, 2003, at 12:34 AM, Ryno Swart wrote:
>> Hi folks,
>> I am just a bit disappointed.

> $75 for the "Express" version is not prohibitive even for amateurs,
> unless they are only looking for free software.
You bet.

That's $24 US less than Apple's HyperCard, which has been effectively
"steved" for over 6 years, and, for all its attributes, is not in the same
modern ball park, utitlity-wise, as Rev, and $54 US less, straight out, than
SuperCard is for a HyperCard crossgrade deal.

NOTE: I'm not knocking SuperCard. I have the Developer's Edition, and use it
a lot (great editor choices). Plus, believe it or not, I still find some of
HC's solid features worth keeping it aboard.

In short, though, take your best shot. I don't think you can beat Rev for
$75. True, you can only develop and distribute for a single platform with
this version, but the same is true of other xTalk products in that class.

So if it is so that you actually have to pay a paltry $75 for what may
arguably be the best-in-class developer tool in the world...well, please
forgive me if I fail see the reason for the complaint.

Ken N.

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