FMODforRev Internet Streaming

WIlliam Griffin bill at
Sun Nov 2 12:29:36 EST 2003

Hey folks,
I suspected that we could do streaming files from the net with 
FMODforRev external.
But didn't get a chance to test it until the other night.
Here's how
I made a field and put the URL in it and did on return in field but
of course you could do buttons or a list of URLS and mouseUp handle or 
I put a new button in the FMOD Example stack so everything was already 
set to go, as far as setting up the external goes..
You will need to add you own to the one you downloaded today

on mouseUp
   put 1 into TheChannelNum
--- here's the URL i used you could of course replace with your own 
choice of streaming music URL
  put "" into theSoundPath  -- philosomatika 
my favorite internet radio trance
   set the curSndChan of me to FfROpenAndPlayStream(theSoundPath,-1)
end mouseUp

Shaaazam! music over the internet.

As before the FMODforRev stack and external are available here:
Mac Version:
PC Version:

Just remember to COPY the FMODforRev external to the Revolution 
application path, before opening your stack.

William Griffin & Tobias Opfermann.
info at

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