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>The MacAddict review noted that Rev seems to crash unexpectedly, but I've
>honestly not had that problem since the OSX appearance manager thingy got
>fixed...  It crashes ALOT in the class lab, but the machines in there only
>have 128 MB RAM.

For me Rev 2.1 crashes a good deal, on Mac OSs O9.2.2 and 10.2.8 and 
on Windows XP. Not a RAM issue, I think (the Windows machine has 
256Mb and the Mac 448mb). It's usually something to do with quitting 
Rev when the thing I'm working on has its own 'quit' script, or when 
I try to purge out the thing I've been working on (Save, then Close 
and Remove from Memory) and then try to start working on another 
stack file. The Distribution Builder sometimes suffers in the same 
way (try to close it then go on to something else). This is all 
slightly hard to pin down - doesn't happen with obvious consistency, 
so I have never been quite sure enough of any of the sequences to 
produce exact formulae for bugzilla.


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