[OT] Rev on Linux PPC - Would you use it?

Pierre Sahores psahores at easynet.fr
Sat Nov 1 04:56:21 EST 2003

Le sam 01/11/2003 à 04:46, Ken Norris a écrit :

> Hi Igor,
> > Date: Sat, 1 Nov 2003 11:28:05 +1100
> > From: Igor Couto <igor at pixelmedia.com.au>
> > Subject: [OT] Rev on Linux PPC - Would you use it?
> > ME A LINE. If there is enough show of interest in this topic, then I
> > will message the RunRev team, and let them know that we'd suppor their
> > efforts in that area!
> ----------
> Absolutely. I'm not much enamored with the giant, memory-sucking OS'
> (Windows XP/Mac OSX Panther). YellowDog Linux sounds good to me, and will
> give my disabled users a leg up with cheaper machines. I'd love to do my
> developing there.
> Ken N.

Hi Igor and All,

A LinuxPPC issue of Rev would be really helpfull, for me too... In the
past (1998/2002), my first MC/Rev development platform was the Suse
LinuxPPC and, because, my customers preferences for the x86 world, Suse
Linux x86 was my first deployment/production platform.

When Suse dicide to discontinue the LinuxPPC issue of its distro, and
because my last IBook2.2 was no more supported by the Suse 7.3 issue
(XFree86), i switched to YellowDog 3... In the same time, Scott decide
to discontinue the LinuxPPC edition of a MC 2.5 engine, in considering
that it would be more difficult to compile the 2.5 engine for LinuxPPC
than to invite two customers (was, Andu Novac and me) switch to the x86
development/deployment platform...

So ! I'm sure Scott was fully right and i'm sure, too, that a Rev's
LinuxPPC engine could be back, if enough of us let the Rev's team know
about : please, if possible, give us a LinuxPPC engine back ;-)
Best Regards, Pierre Sahores

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