Active X support

Stephen Quinn Barncard stephenREVOLUTION at
Sat May 31 18:03:02 EDT 2003

The XCMD capability is there for backward compatibility - OS X 
doesn't work with the old XCMDs, only OS9.

Are you sure that what you want from  the PC-ONLY Active-X can't be 
done in native Transcript and custom made controls?

I once was quite attached to what I could do (had to do) with XCMDs 
in Hypercard as you are with 'Active-X' until I found Rev. So far I 
haven't needed any externals.

The more we use  'pure transcript' for applications, the better off 
we'll be -- as developers, users and sharers of a 
cross-platform way..


>"Edwin Gore" <edgore at> said:
>Are there any plans to add ActiveX support to metaCard/RunRev? It 
>seems like a no brainer since it would improve compatibility with 
>legacy ToolBook apps, and since there is already support for the 
>Mac-only XCMD standard. Adding ActiveX support would open up access 
>to thousands of extremely useful ActiveX controls that have been 
>developed for all sorts of purposes.

but only for those on Windoze PCs!

>I decided to get RunRev because I wanted somethign that I could use 
>to teach my daughter progamming concepts -

your daughter should learn Transcript! Active-X won't teach her anything!

>  I have not idea how to *really* program though, so creating my own 
>Rev externals is pretty much out of the question, even though a lot 
>of the ActiveX things I am interested have source code and could 
>probably be adapted to RunRevs externals architecture, I ddon't have 
>the skill to do that myself..being able to access ActiveX would 
>allow me to do a whole bunch of neat stuff that I can't do on my own.

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