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Sat May 31 15:35:01 EDT 2003

On Saturday, May 31, 2003, at 11:32  AM, Chris De Maeyer wrote:

> Wouldn`t it be a good idea to lower the entry threshold (price) to
> attract a broader audience? The free edition is too limiting to be
> usable, and the $299 is quite an amount for hobby users...

The Free Edition may seem limiting at first, but just two points:

First, in the abstract, through careful use of function handlers (not 
message handlers) you can dramatically expand the amount of code that 
will fit into "ten" lines.

Second, in the concrete, at least one user has built a massive (300+ 
windows) application, all in the Free Edition.

All of which is not to say anything about whether $299 is too steep for 
a hobbyist.


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