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Sat May 31 14:16:02 EDT 2003

miscdas at wrote:

>>> I´ve been working on a small registration concept
>>> recently. I´ve got a stack that generarates a
>>> registration code of 8 characters taken
>>> from name and a codeword e.g. email adress.
>> Hi Malte, 
>> I'm interested too in some code that permits a stack
>> to runs only in the machine in which it was installed.
>> Those machine are running Windows XP.
>> I've read about getting the hard disk serial number
>> in the Developers Tips from Ken Ray's website.
>> My guess is that a combination of the serial of
>> the hard disk and the ID number of the Ethernet card
>> could be a good combination. But, I don't know how to
>> get the id of the ethernet card.
>> Thanks in advance.
>> Alejandro
> =====================
> Mr Tejada, 
> I suggest your reconsider the Ethernet card ID as a "permanent" part of a
> system. In more than one company in which I've worked, it was very common to
> swap-out Ethernet cards for a variety of reasons.

There may be many good reasons the biggest players in the industry don't do
things like that.

Most of them use a much simpler scheme of non-user-specific reg codes.

Sure, piracy is unpleasant, but unless you're in an unusually piracy-prone
market (music tools come to mind) why take a larger percentage of your time
away from feature development to work on security than the major software
publishers do?

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