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Mark Talluto revlists at
Sat May 31 13:03:02 CDT 2003

On Saturday, May 31, 2003, at 10:11 AM, Richard Gaskin wrote:

>> A truly great product such as RunRev deserves and will require truly
>> great documentation, rich with examples, if it is ever to gain
>> widespread acceptance.
> In all fairness, Rev has probably the most comprehensive documentation 
> in an
> xTalk since Gain Momentum's 20,000-page manual.  Not that it's 
> perfect, and
> certainly there's plenty of room for more.
> There's a sort of catch-22 with regard to docs in any product:  they're
> expensive to produce and don't make much of a bullet-point for 
> marketing
> (which is why most of the manuals for major commercial wares like 
> those from
> Adobe and Macromedia are so slender), and yet they serve to empower 
> folks to
> make cool stuff more quickly which does help spread the word faster.
> One of the strengths of packages from major vendors is the 
> availability  of
> third-party documentation, critical for many packages in an 
> industry-wide
> trend toward underdocumenting.
> We are Rev's third parties.  What shall we build?

I was at the bookstore last night.  I found three books on RealBasic.  
The numbers go up from there with other languages/applications.  I 
would love to see a book on Rev in the bookstore.  While it is great to 
have tech docs built into an app, nothing beats holding good old paper 
in your hands.

It appears that there are a good amount of people hear that would be 
interested in being able to crack open a book on Rev as well.  Are you 
proposing that we come together and work on a book?   I love the 
O'Reilly books.  What animal would we put on it?

Best regards,
Mark Talluto

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