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Dan Shafer dan at
Sat May 31 11:01:02 EDT 2003

I'm in frequent contact with Michael Long and E.R. Haas, the two  
primary geniuses behind Nine to Five Reports. I've been working on a  
new (non-tech) project with them for about 18 months now. E.R. (who was  
CEO of the company) and I frequently kick around the idea of making  
Reports run with or in RunRev. But our feeling is that the user base is  
too small and that the differences between Transcript and HyperTalk are  
so great that it would involve a complete rewrite for a user base that  
probably wouldn't repay the R&D costs.

However, I know that if the RunRev folks and E.R. talked and if there  
were some funding available for the project (either through pre-sales,  
or direct investment or whatever), it is at least possible that E.R.  
and Michael would pick up that product again and look into porting it.

If we're wrong -- if, in fact, the user base is big enough and  
sufficiently interested in reporting mechanisms to create a modestly  
profitable product -- I'd love to be able to convince E.R. to re-do  
Reports for us. And I'd be happy to carry that ball forward if anyone  
can convince me I'm wrong.

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