Back With Unicode Blues...

Kenji Kojima webart at
Sat May 31 08:12:01 EDT 2003

Hi Igor,

<font face="Lucida Grande" lang="ja"> is a problem for Japanese users 

There is not the font name "Lucida Grande" in Japanese fonts.
This is Roman system font on Mac OSX.  The Japanese system font is
"Osaka" on MacOSX.  We can find the same problem on other OSs.
Japanese MacOS Classic shows "Geneva", and  Japanese Windows shows
"MS San Serif".  Every font name is NOT Japanese font.

The problem is only imported or copied & Pasted Japanese text from other
application files, HtmlText of direct input Japanese text from a 
keyboard shows
<font face="Osaka" lang="ja"> .

When you import Japanese text into Rev text field.

	the effective textFont of line 1 of field 1

does not work. It returns "mixed". It has to contain "comma" on the 
"Revolution How to: find out whether text in a field is Unicode".


Kenji Kojima

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