Back With Unicode Blues

Dave Cragg dcragg at
Sat May 31 07:22:01 EDT 2003

At 3:25 pm +1000 31/5/03, Igor Couto wrote:
>I've made a stack that illustrates the Unicode problem I've
>encountered. Anyone interested in helping us find a solution, can
>access it by typing the following inside Revolution's  'messageBox'
>- while you are connected to the internet:
>open stack URL ""
>The stack was made under MacOS X - I don't know how the unicode
>characters will appear or how the scripts will behave under other
>platforms. All feedback appreciated!!!

I like your way of illustrating the problem.

The following is a slight variation on your 4th button. It seems to 
work here, but please confirm.

    put the unicodeText of field "targetFld" into newText
    put the unicodeText of field "sourceFld" into newLine2
    put newLine2 into line 2 of newText
    put numToChar(0) after line 2 of newText
    set the unicodeText of field "targetFld" to newText

It takes account of the extra numtoChar(0) before the return in 
uniencoded text (which gets written over when you put something into 
line x).

Like many others, I'm having trouble getting my head round the new 
unicode features. But I get the impression it's not a good idea to 
directly manipulate the text of the field itself. (I know it didn't 
contain what I expected when I first started playing around.) First 
get the unicodeText, play with that, and then set the unicodeText 
again. But I guess we have to be careful with chunk expressions.


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