Discover revolution, would like comparison with ToolBook

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Sorry it was a long time since I asked the question but I didn't have time. 

I didn't try Revolution yet I just read the site. What are the best points of revolution which can be found or not in Toolbook.

If you know Tollbook very well (I have been an expert with this product by  being a consultant for Asymetrix and forming developpers but I gave up this product because Asymetrix has been a disaster commercially in France)  :

- it doesn't seem to support Activex whereas Toolbook does (Toolbook is not multiplatform)
then are components limited to revolution's ones ? For example I didn't see any tree component so how would you show for example a xml-type structure ?  advanced GUI: support of thin caption and always on top window

- equivalent of Toolbook's script in groups and if possible sharescript (script shared between several groups) ?

- equivalent of design (author) mode which can be scripted like runtime (reader) mode

>rebolask at wrote:
>> I discover Revolution recently and saw there were comparison with
>> Hypercard-like authoring tools but that one was lacking wich was Toolbook
>> (Paul Allen's authoring tools whose langage is called Openscript) which is
>> perhaps the most complete among all hypercards-like langage but at a very high
>> cost and not multiplatform and the internet plugin is very big. So I would
>> like to hear opinions about those who know both if possible if not so I will
>> ask some questions about existing or lacking features in Revolution in next
>> posts.
>I've worked with both.  What would you like to know?
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