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Stephen Barncard stephenREVOLUTION at
Fri May 30 13:04:01 EDT 2003

>On 5/30/03 1:38 AM, "iMP" <rooster at> wrote:
>I would be careful about tying Revolution too closely to HyperCard.
>HyperCard is Apple-centric, and a failed product.

Hypercard was many things, but not a *failed* product. It was an 
orphaned product and didn't go away because it was no good - it 
failed because it was probably too good and it's owners didn't care 
anymore. It had a huge user base that was fairly invisible because 
they solved their own problems.

>Revolution needs to stand
>on its own merit; the HyperCard tie-in will only serve to have it dismissed
>out of hand by Windows/Linux/Unix users.

I don't agree with this - the similarity is a draw to those who want 
an easier way to program, and those that spent a happy 15 years with 

I love the idea of cross platform, and all the built in features etc, 
but frankly I would have stayed with my old Hypercard and XCMDs 
longer if they had would have worked in X.

I've tried all the competition and I've settled on Run Rev -- great work, guys!

>That's no way to find a broad market and thus insure continued vitality of
>the Revolution platform.
>A solid book on Revolution will present a new dawn. Any similarities for
>HyperCard users should be self-apparent for that audience, not explicitly

That's a pretty silly tactic with a product deeply rooted in 
Hypercard conventions and its former user base coming to the platform.

>Better be prepared with a response:
>Revolution is not HyperCard.

People are smart enough to figure that out.

>Danny Grizzle

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