Develloping a registrationsystem

Malte Brill malte.brill at
Fri May 30 06:36:02 EDT 2003

Hi list,

I´ve been working on a small registration concept recently.
I´ve got a stack that generarates a registration code of 8 characters taken
from name and a codeword e.g. email adress.

Name aaaa
code aaaa

the counterpart to the generator is in the main stacks script.
If the registration data is correct it sets some custom properties of some
stacks in a data folder and saves them.
I can disable stolen registration codes after Updates and I ask useres to
reenter the registration data after moving the app to another location.

Now my question is:
How save is this? If you open a standalone in a word editor you might be
able to find the corresponding handler. I just testet to password protect
the stack before compiling and it seems to be o.k. I wasn´t able to find the
script in word any more.

I know that someone who is interested in hacking will probably laugh at my
lame concept. So is there anything else I can do, just to make it not to



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