Books on RunRev

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Fri May 30 01:47:01 EDT 2003

Hi Dan:

>I am working on an eBook+Web site that adapts my best-selling HyperTalk
>book to RunRev and Transcript.

That would be great! I still have your excellent HyperCard book, and 
if you can give lots of real-world examples, especially with a 
"Revolution for HyperCard people" angle, I'm sure we HC'ers would all 
line up quick. I know I'll buy it on the first day it's available. 
Things like "groups" and "backgrounds" in Rev seem alien to me, for 
example. Also, the best ways to author on Mac and distribute to 
Windows, given that the main stack can't self-modify as it can on 
Mac, where you could just save as an application. I do love explicit 
code examples and recipes...

Personally, I would also like a section on using Rev as a front end 
for Applescript integration, especially the easiest ways of passing 
data around applications, and controlling everything via AS using Rev 
as a visual hub instead of ASS. You know, the way that HC can.



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