Revolution 2.0 released

Rob Cozens rcozens at
Thu May 29 10:58:00 EDT 2003

>We'd like to take this opportunity to thank this great community in
>supporting us through all the trials and tribulations of the gestation
>period, and we hope you find 2.0 worth the wait.

Kevin & all at Runtime Revolution [including those outside the UK, Geoff],

Since about an hour after downloading 2.0RC1, I have been waiting for 
this moment to congratulate you on a job well done.  RC1 just had a 
solid feel to it.

And while I have been too busy with my own issues to systematically 
check all the problems I have reported in previous releases, I note 
with gratification that many of my issues & concerns have been 
addressed.  (And that Heather got the download page to recognize my 
old version of Netscape.)

I would have posted this earlier; but I knew you could not really 
celebrate until this moment.  Now is the time, and I do hope you will 
take time to congratulate each other and celebrate your achievement 
before pressing on to expansion & fine tuning.

Watch out world: R Revolution can only get better and more powerful.
Rob Cozens

Vive R Revolution!

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