Release 2.0r2 - Unexplained CPU usage shoots to 100% - Part 2

Jeanne A. E. DeVoto jeanne at
Wed May 28 22:10:50 EDT 2003

At 7:38PM -0700 5/28/03, Dave McKee wrote:
>>> So the saga continues.  I re installed version 1.1.1 and opened the
>>> stack with version 1.1.1 and my stack is well behaved as is revolution
>>> 1.1.1. Going back to version 2.0r2, just opening the stack was
>>> enough to peg the cpu usage at 100%.

>I don't think that's the problem.  I have emptied my stack of all its
>scripts and now when I try opening the stack script, the cpu usage shoots to
>100% and sits there until I depress cmd period.  Then when I close the
>script window, Rev asks whether to change the scripts ( but nothing was
>added or changed or even clicked in ) and back it goes to 100 %, Cmd period
>again and the script window closes.

This is just a guess on my part, but what happens if you remove the
cRevGeneral custom property set from the stack (in 1.1.1) and then open it
in 2.0?

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