Revolution 2.0 released

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Wed May 28 14:54:14 EDT 2003

>As some of you have already realized, 2.0 is has now shipped.  (We were
>waiting to ensure the web site was ready for traffic before sending out all
>the official announcements.)
>We'd like to take this opportunity to thank this great community in
>supporting us through all the trials and tribulations of the gestation
>period, and we hope you find 2.0 worth the wait.

Using Mac OS 10.2.1, 384 MB of RAM, 500 MHz

I have some projects which I can open and edit in Rev 1.1.1 or MC 2.5

These projects will run with no issues in Rev 1.1.1, MC 2.5, AND  Rev 
2.0 (Pro license)

If I open them in Rev 2.0 (Pro license) and then click on an object to edit
   that object I will get a spinning pizza of death and must force 
quit Rev 2.0 every time.

I can edit new projects made in Rev 2.0.

WHAT must I do to edit older projects???


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