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Mathewson richmond at mail.maclaunch.com
Wed May 28 06:21:00 EDT 2003

I have a fairly extenisve collection of Slide-Rules; most
of which are Russian.  If anyone needs one write me a
message off-list: I will charge you for Post and packing.

I am now teaching my 10-year old some maths (mainly
simultaneous equations) as the local primary school seems
to think he should be learning his times tables. As a
result I am having to revisit all sorts of stuff that I
have lazily let slip (depending on calculators and
computers far too much).  I am going to dig out my BBc
Micro this weekend to plot some groovy sine curve variants
using Basic 5.

We have all become mentally fat and dependent on all these
new-fangled machines.  Solution:

jump into bed and produce a child (this cannot be done
single-handedly I'm afraid) then try to explain BODMAS to
them (this involves waiting from 7 to 12 years).  Try it;
its quite a shock to the system.

Love, Richmond

Richmond Mathewson
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