Going Mad With Unicode

Igor Couto igor at pixelmedia.com.au
Wed May 28 02:41:01 EDT 2003

Friend Revolutionaries,

I have been trying to copy (via script) the contents of a field into a 
specific line in another field. The problem I'm experiencing is that 
the text contains roman-extended characters (Esperanto characters: ĉ, 
ĝ, ŝ, ĵ, ĥ and ŭ), and even though I've tried everything I can think 
of, using the 'unicodeText' and the 'htmlText' properties, I still 
cannot make it work. I am using RunRev 2.0, with MacOS X 10.2.6.

To reproduce what I am experiencing, try the following:

1) Make a new stack, and place 2 fields in it - let's call them 
"sourceFld" and "targetFld". The source field can be just one line 
high, while the target field should be several lines high. Type 
something into the target field (it doesn't matter what) - for a few 

2) In the source field, type some text using the 'US Extended' keyboard 
layout. To type some of these Esperanto characters, for instance, while 
using the 'US Extended' keyboard, press "option+6" (to activate the 
circumflex accent) and then either 'c', 's', 'g', 'j' or 'h'.

3) NOW: using the message box, try creating a script that copies the 
contents of "sourceFld" into a line (let's say, line 2) of "targetFld".

The extended characters either disappear or change... Here is what I've 
already tried:

1) put field "sourceFld" into line 2 of field "targetFld"
RESULT: the extended characters appear in the targetFld as 'unknown 
character' boxes.

2) put the unicodeText of field "sourceFld" into line 2 of field 
RESULT: exactly the same as above - the extended characters appear as 
blank boxes.

3) set the htmlText of line 2 of field "targetFld" to the htmlText of 
field "sourceFld"
RESULT: the characters disappear. If I check the 'htmlText' property of 
line 2 of the target field, I can see that it actually does NOT contain 
the same characters as the source field (compare with the htmlText 
property of the source field!).

4) set the unicodeText of line 2 of field "targetFld" to the 
unicodeText of field "sourceFld"
RESULT: an error - I believe the ' unicodeText' is not a property that 
can be 'set' on a 'per line' basis. It only seems to work if you set 
the entire field!

What seems to happen is that Revolution IS COPYING the right values out 
of the source field. If I 'split' the script, and get Rev to put the 
htmlText of the source field into a variable, and then check the 
contents of the variable, it actually DOES contain the right characters:

put the htmlText of field "sourceFld" into myVar
put myVar

The contents of 'myVar' are IDENTICAL to the contents of the htmlText 
of field "sourceFld".

However, if we now say:

set the htmlText of line 2 of field "targetFld" to myVar

We see that Revolution is somehow changing the values of the extended 

Does anyone know how to get around this?

I'm sure that there must be a solution, as I understand Revolution has 
quite a few Japanese users, and they must be able to deal with this 

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks,

Igor de Oliveira Couto
igor at pixelmedia.com.au

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