Download RR 2 ???

Till Bandi tbandi at
Tue May 27 10:54:01 EDT 2003

  I downloaded RR2 yesterday too - and tried today, everything seems to 
be ok here. But I was astonished, that there was no word about the 
final Version 2 on the RunRev lists. Since between yesterday an today 
the Runrev-Site changed, this might  mean they are still working at it 
and will announce the REVOLUTION only after finishing  it (or maybe 
when they are back from their well deserved vacations?).

Am Dienstag, 27.05.03 um 15:05 Uhr schrieb Mathewson:

> Dear All,
>    I downloaded RR2 yesterday at about 2pm BST.  Downloaded
> the engines this morning. Goofily deleted all at
> coffee-time.  Now unable to download anything, getting the
> following message:
> Welcome. You have reached the website of Runtime Revolution
> Ltd. We're sorry, but access to the directory or page you
> have requested is forbidden.
> Not a happy camper (camper and camper as the hours go by,
> but don't tell my wife)......
> Obviously us plebs are not being told something.......
> Slobbering indecently for RR 2 and .........
> Richmond Mathewson
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