Download RR 2 ???

Emmanuel Companys mcompanys at
Tue May 27 09:55:00 EDT 2003

Since we were told the license would be externded until the definitive 
2.O version will be released, I keep usingmy 1.1.1.

Now some weird things are happening, and I got the msg "license limit 

Trying to download version 2.0 I got the same msg as Matthewson.

What did I do wrong? What shall I do?

Thank you for your help


Le mardi, 27 mai 2003, à 15:05 Europe/Paris, Mathewson a écrit :

> Dear All,
>    I downloaded RR2 yesterday at about 2pm BST.  Downloaded
> the engines this morning. Goofily deleted all at
> coffee-time.  Now unable to download anything, getting the
> following message:
> Welcome. You have reached the website of Runtime Revolution
> Ltd. We're sorry, but access to the directory or page you
> have requested is forbidden.
> Not a happy camper (camper and camper as the hours go by,
> but don't tell my wife)......
> Obviously us plebs are not being told something.......
> Slobbering indecently for RR 2 and .........
> Richmond Mathewson
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