Password protect opening of stacks

Scott Rossi scott at
Tue May 27 00:39:01 EDT 2003

Recently, valetia at wrote:

> I see that some scripts (such as this) use the "send" command, and have been
> a little confused over its usage.
> For instance, why wouldn't such a script be used instead:
> on openStack
> checkPermission
> end openStack
> In other words, how do you know when to use "send", and when to just call a
> handler directly?

In this case, it depends on what else is going on in the openStack handler,
and personal preference as I stated.  In my experience, I've found it's
better to let certain handlers complete themselves, such as openStack,
instead of interrupting them with other routines.

> Also...why 0.5 seconds (and how do you know what duration to use...)??

Again, it's relative.  If there's nothing else going on in the openStack
handler, then sending in a few milliseconds is probably fine; I used 1/2 a
second as something of a "safe" period of time to allow for any
setup/initilialization processes to finish running.


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