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yves COPPE yvescoppe at
Sun May 25 02:42:00 EDT 2003

>Free version of Windows ImageGadget beta available for download at:
>ImageGadget is a very poor man's Photoshop done completely in RR. From the
>ImageGadget is a standalone WindowsXP Rapid Image Development Toolkit. It is
>used to quickly create banners for Hemingway web pages (or any other web
>pages). It has the following capabilities:
>Resizes Images
>Crops Images
>Import from file
>Capture from Screen
>Add Transparent Effects
>Set Backgroud Color
>Unlimited Layers with Transparency and Effects
>Up to 3 independant Layers of Text
>Text Highlights and Shadows
>Export to PNG or JPG
>Load and Save Template files
>Let me know if you have any problems...

Hi Chipp

Is it possible to get a version for Mac OS X ?


Email : yvescoppe at

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