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Thu May 22 12:36:01 EDT 2003

On 5/22/03 12:32 AM, Ryno Swart wrote:

>> Glad you found Blocks wasteful. ;)
> Include myself, my wife, and our 8 year old boy. But we miss a score to 
> gloat about. Maybe some kind of  average?

Thanks for the feedback. I thought about that but didn't do it because 
of the problems associated with running the stack from a remote server. 
Then I added color set prefs, which check to see if you are running on a 
local hard drive, and if so, allow you to save custom color sets. Since 
I've got that distinction in place, it wouldn't be too hard to also save 
score info if the stack is running locally.

I will see about adding this stuff to the next version. Maybe a running 
total per user? Something like: Games played: 15, Total score: 6. Lower 
scores would be better, of course.

> Congratulations on a really good game!

Thanks. Nice to hear. :)

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